Garbage Bin – the place where we live in!


Delhi is a strange place with strange people. People are annoyed with agencies for heavy traffic, pollution and unclean roads and spaces. Perhaps it applies to other cities but being a resident of this unfortunate city, I can only talk about it. Delhi can perhaps be used an “model” city to discuss this topic.

Streets are filled with garbage. Corners of majority of the roads are frustrated – for men and dogs pee alike, when neither should be defecating in the open. It’s an open urinal, for God’s sake. People give a damn and just relieve themselves, just as they spit with impunity!

Dustbins are perhaps the most unfortunate things in this city. They are like the educated yet unemployed people. They have their own worth, but get a raw deal! People just turn a blind-eye to it, though it proudly beams – Use Me!!

The problem is the rise of arrogant society, spilling garbage (contained in their mind and even otherwise) everywhere. We just don’t care. Why? Everyone is doing it and me alone keeping the place clean won’t make a difference.

Its not just the garbage. We have the spitteratis. People just spit! Though major part of the problem is our grand Pan-masala and tobacco industry, which none of the government will ever be able to shut. Why should they? They are anyways ‘discouraging’ the industries with ‘higher taxes’ (read higher revenue to the government). People are totally addicted to it – they will not get discouraged with some heinous depiction of lung cancer or higher prices. They will continue to chew and let it out. We actually have industries, which encourages people to spit on the roads. Result – tobacco and pan-masala laced spit on the roads.

Then there those, who want to clear their throat due to pollution. Easy way out, isn’t it? Blame the pollution!! Ok, it’s the pollution and what, Sir, are you doing….oh, increasing it further in addition to making the place disease prone!!

Then there are these habitual spitsmen. They just spit. Two people are just having casual conversation, when one guy for no reason, spits out. Everyone will have atleast one such person in his/her circle. These guys may spit either standing at one particular place and create a ugly spit painting on the road or they may do so while riding a bike or a car. I wonder how car drivers are affected by pollution. They can simply roll-up the window panes. Yet, one may often see a driver, occasionally open the window and mostly open the entire door to spit. I watch in astonishment!

The worst part is, you with that little bit of common sense, who does not spit (yeah, few people still exist, who don’t do it on roads), cannot question those who do it? “Kyu, tere baap ki sadak hai?” will be the most common retort.

But, thing to note is that Bhai, tere baap ki bhi toh nahi hai!

Funny part is, these very people when they travel in Metro rail, behave with utmost sincerity and are such gentlemen! You will not find a dustbin inside metro premises, yet the place is clean! Why is it so?

Fear of reprimand? Perhaps. Put a fine and people, like unruly school children, start behaving properly!!

Ohh, even the literate (not educated by any means) also do it. And just look at the excuse. Log hain na, saaf karne ko. Why should I do it? What stops us from being sensible enough to throw garbage in the dustbin or carry it along in our car or our bag and throw them when we see a dustbin? How difficult is that?

Problem is, we have by nature, become lazy  to literally clean up our own shit. We have also become increasingly arrogant to (i) realize our own mistake, (ii) accept the mistake when pointed out and (iii) act upon it. Instead, if one ever tries to correct us, we either abuse or worse, attack!

Its not just the roads, people in general, even in offices do not take cleanliness seriously. It’s the same in offices, where many a times, files and papers lie strewn around. We are not bothered about them as it is the job of the office assistant. It may be his job, no doubt, but it clearly shows that we are not wired to clean it ourselves. Bhai, apne haath gande kaun kare!! There is merit to this…after all, we have spent so much money on own education. Why should after getting a job, we should also do this saaf-safaai wala kaam! It is just like feeling owning an exotic breed of dog but cleaning its shit isn’t part of the deal! Woh Ramu ka kaam hai!

I’m quite certain that if one cannot clean up the filth he/she creates around himself/herself, then given a choice, such people won’t even mind someone else cleaning their shit (I mean literally and figuratively!)

Are we doing the same thing in our homes too? Do we go about spitting and littering our homes? If we can keep our home and surroundings tidy, what stops us from keeping other areas, be it road or public place clean? Are we letting out our frustration by throwing garbage on the road?

We have a habit of blaming others for all the problems. We really do. And we fail to accept that. And until we do that, we will have to live in the garbage dump and start to love the stench and imagine it to be a wonderful scent (which we, by the way, are already doing it!).







At 16000 feet, when there is nothing between you and the nature, when you are far away from human settlement, the sight that you see, the air that you breathe, the whispering winds that you hear, all are nothing but pure!!

Gaea’s Reply


We used to have such good terms, you know!

But you ruined it all….

Didn’t I cut my womb n give you food, just to satisfy your hunger ?
Didn’t I give you the entire river, so that you could quench your thirst ?
Didn’t I wrap you up, so that you could shield from heat, cold and rains?

You used to ask and take from me thanklessly,
in return, did I ask anything from you?

I kept satisfying your greed…
For I was Gaea.

But I too have some limit,
for when you started to run out of control,
I need to remind you as to who runs the house…

When you started to make me bald
and take away my trees,
I had to make you thirsty and starve you for water

When you started to clearing off the lands,
and take away from grains,
I was forced to starve you for food

Now that you are greedy,
and you want more,

So here is the deal to set you right…

You want rain,
I give you floods…

You want less rain,
I give you drought….

You want land,
You get infertile piece of junk

You want food,
You get famine…

It took some time,
But I have understood you now..
If you can impoverish your mother,
then you can do anything to fulfill your greed…

Be we wary of me,
for your thanklessness,
I am coming after you,
to reclaim what is mine
and strip you off what you have,

But irony still remains,
You ignorant shall still ask Above,

What wrong did I do ??

I am Rain

Like many other things,
I am perceived differently, at different points of time…
It is me, who sets the mood,
but it is also me, who kills the mood…
Worshiped, when I am required,
But loathed when I share a bit more than needed…
Though I give birth to millions,
But I am hardly noticed…
If, however, I kill a few,
No one else is blamed except me…
One dances at sight of me, dances with me,
While other is afraid to even touch me….
For Ravi goes into hiding, when I arrive
But with him, I paint the sky with the seven colors….
I signal the prosperity that lay ahead…
But I also bring forth destruction..
For not me, the Oceans will rot..
For not me, the winds shall never be a cold breeze
For not me, the earth shall go dry
For not me, the fire shall dominate
I am to be venerated, for I bring the joy
I am to be loved, for I am romantic
I am to be feared, for I can destroy
For I am the Rain…