Dear Friend….


Dear Friend,

I have no idea what you found in me that you have stuck with me for so long.

You have remained with me with times, when I had no money
but also at times, when I could afford to dive into pool of money..

You have stuck to me, when I was a fool in the class,
But also at times, when became a book-worm

You have continued to support me from Day 1, despite knowing nothing of me..
But also until today, when you know of all my nakhre

For you have stuck to me, despite being the intellectually more strong
You have stayed to remain with me, whether I looked good, bad or ugly
For you have no qualms in giving away what you cherished and even happier when for giving it to me

Thank you…
For being the Smile, to share the joy and happiness
For being the big Heart, for ignoring my shortcomings and forgiving me for my faux-pas
For being the Ear, to listen me out
For being the Eye, catch my emotion on my life and confront me then and there
For being the Arms, to hold on to me and not letting me fall
For being the Legs, to walk the extra mile
For being the shoulder, to carry my burden and sorrow as yours

From sharing of lunch to playing in the ground, from playing pranks to crying together, from hearing each other when in need to shouting abuses for not wishing on birthdays, each moment will remain etched in memory forever and continue to remind me of what would have happened, if your timely presence at that moment of need was not there !!!

From an indebted person….

To the priceless people that I have….