The Great Noida Autorickshaw Problem



Well, I finally have a reply from Noida city’s Regional Transport Office regarding our beloved notorious auto-rickshaw operators.

Reply are simple statement of facts, which none of us in this city are aware of but should be aware of.


  1. Is meter mandatory in auto-rickshaws in Noida?
    Reply: It is mandatory
  2.  Is it mandatory to ply according to meters in Noida?
    Reply: Yes, it is mandatory.There is an order to this effect for strict compliance by the authority granting fitness certificate to autos, else there will be strict action against them. However, seldom is this being followed.
  3. Approved meter rate is as follows:First 2 Kms – Rs. 25.
    Subsequent Kms – Rs. 8/km

    Night charges: 25% of normal fare

    Waiting charges: Rs. 30 per hour (minimum 15 minutes waiting time)

    Extra baggage: Rs. 7.50 extra

    Though there is a fixed fare, neither the public is aware nor has authority has taken efforts to make people aware. Auto drivers will, ofcourse, not tell anyone about this.

  4. How many violations have been booked in last three years?
    Year Challaned (Fined) Impounded
    2013-14            3,242        2,130
    2014-15            3,591        2,640
    2015-16            2,951        1,954

Long story short, the above information may not change the situation since no one will take on auto drivers and will give in to their demands but certainly, it is something worth knowing rather than remaining ignorant all your life that you are being ripped off.

But the good thing is, we will now know the extent to which we are being ripped off!!