Gaea’s Reply


We used to have such good terms, you know!

But you ruined it all….

Didn’t I cut my womb n give you food, just to satisfy your hunger ?
Didn’t I give you the entire river, so that you could quench your thirst ?
Didn’t I wrap you up, so that you could shield from heat, cold and rains?

You used to ask and take from me thanklessly,
in return, did I ask anything from you?

I kept satisfying your greed…
For I was Gaea.

But I too have some limit,
for when you started to run out of control,
I need to remind you as to who runs the house…

When you started to make me bald
and take away my trees,
I had to make you thirsty and starve you for water

When you started to clearing off the lands,
and take away from grains,
I was forced to starve you for food

Now that you are greedy,
and you want more,

So here is the deal to set you right…

You want rain,
I give you floods…

You want less rain,
I give you drought….

You want land,
You get infertile piece of junk

You want food,
You get famine…

It took some time,
But I have understood you now..
If you can impoverish your mother,
then you can do anything to fulfill your greed…

Be we wary of me,
for your thanklessness,
I am coming after you,
to reclaim what is mine
and strip you off what you have,

But irony still remains,
You ignorant shall still ask Above,

What wrong did I do ??