I am Rain

Like many other things,
I am perceived differently, at different points of time…
It is me, who sets the mood,
but it is also me, who kills the mood…
Worshiped, when I am required,
But loathed when I share a bit more than needed…
Though I give birth to millions,
But I am hardly noticed…
If, however, I kill a few,
No one else is blamed except me…
One dances at sight of me, dances with me,
While other is afraid to even touch me….
For Ravi goes into hiding, when I arrive
But with him, I paint the sky with the seven colors….
I signal the prosperity that lay ahead…
But I also bring forth destruction..
For not me, the Oceans will rot..
For not me, the winds shall never be a cold breeze
For not me, the earth shall go dry
For not me, the fire shall dominate
I am to be venerated, for I bring the joy
I am to be loved, for I am romantic
I am to be feared, for I can destroy
For I am the Rain…

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