BC, MC and subconscious slandering of Women


There is something very distinct that I have observed about men here  in this region as compared to men of other parts of the country. The brazen and explicit manner in which men here go about shamelessly (many a times unconsciously) using abusive words, sets them distinctly apart from men of other parts of the country. If you do not believe in what I say, spend few hours in a busy Delhi market and you will know what I am saying. Slip of the tongue is still excusable, but ranting on and on, in every third sentence…Boy, its too much!


And as if to find an equivalent word for F*** in English and use the similar word in Hindi, it seems few set of words have already been found – namely Maa ki ********* (MC) and Behen ki ******** (BC). MC and BC is also used to indicate a Mother-fu**** and Sister-fu****. And these two phrases have been used so brazenly in Delhi’s local lingo that it has paralleled the F*** of English and is capable of being used to express just about any form of feeling like- 







Surprised – whether for better or worse


Highly offensive words, yet used as a normal daily life word. And its not that it is used by men here amongst themselves, when not in presence of women. Whether there are women in vicinity or not, the words are so embedded in the vocab that it will just come out. What women may feel is an irrelevant thought!


And before you raise your finger on those illiterate migrants of nearby villages, Dudes… realize the fact that educated class would perhaps be topping the list of people promoting the use of MC and BC. 


Though I am pretty sure, most of the men do respect women, but the way men, especially linked to Delhi, have been programmed to use their tongue, respect for women isn’t something that shows up when their tongue starts wagging. 


Behen ki and Maa ki…..seriously?? 


Supposedly, if you are celebrating Raksha Bandhan with your sister and she suddenly springs up with a surprise gift, do you actually say BC??? (though its quite possible that in your mind atleast this word may have revolved somewhere at that point !!!)


And talk of celebrating Mother’s Day- hugging and writing about your beloved mother and soon as next day starts, again start slandering another person’s mother…!!!! 


Dudes, what are you trying to show by using these words – that you are some kind of alpha-male, who by mere use of these words in your daily language, can set your self apart from the humble and meek n project them as weak? Or do you get some cash back, every time you use the words?


And, if you are saying that just saying BC and MC doesn’t actually mean anything…then please, grow up and stop using it!! It does mean blatant slandering of women. After all, you are actually referring to sexual abuse of women. Though you may condemn the words like rape or sexual abuse, but aren’t you by your use of BC and MC actually promoting abuse of women?  Actually abusing women you may not, but promoting abuse you definitely are!!!!


Think over it. After all, Hindi vocabulary is not just about two phrases and you are not that sick, or are you??

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